Belief Exploration Through Socratic Dialogue

"What makes this process so powerful is that the questions created an environment where I could have important realizations for myself—not because someone ‘told me something."  - Jo Anne M., Consultant



I want to help you know yourself better. I don't help you to do that by providing answers. But I can provide you questions, that if you are willing to answer, will provide you with clarity and understanding you've never experienced before.

Questions are my passion and a personal session provides you questions as well as a non-judgmental space to sit with those questions and find your own answers.

There is always a next question regardless of the topic selected to explore. My job is to give you that next question and then hold the space for you. You are your life's expert and no one can better answer your life's questions than you.


A business is made of many parts. Products, services, employees, partners, customers, marketing and culture are some of the many components. What a business owner believes about these things sets the tone for the overall business.

Business partnerships also create complexity because partners perceive these components differently even though they may appear to be on the same page.  

Through Socratic questioning and teaching exercises, we can look at any aspect of a business or business relationship and understand more fully what the stakeholders actually believe and how that could birth ideas to bring those parties closer together to build a stronger business.


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