Beliefs are your world

Or better said, beliefs create everyone's individual worlds.  We are all born without any beliefs and we then begin to collect and build them.  From there, our world is formed.  When I was first exposed to this idea, it felt logical but foreign at the same time.  

A little boy was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and his father's dreams for his child and the relationship that they would have were burned to the ground in a matter of minutes.  His belief about what a father and son were in relation to one another was put to the test and within the search for recovery, a new vantage point was unexpectedly found.  One with a view of his son's challenges not as they are typically believed to be.  But one of extreme possibility and hope that eventually connected the two and brought a profound new understanding of love, acceptance and the ability to create the world as they wanted it to be.  


That is one of my stories and what brought about Belief Unboxed.  Through the power of questioning and exploring the beliefs we have chosen for ourselves, we can create the world we want at any given time.  I teach and mentor individuals and business owners who look to fully realize the world they have created through the beliefs that they have chosen.  

  • Certified Option Process® Mentor